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Ocean Grill
Ocean Grill
Open Deck
Hashiri SF
Hashiri SF
Hashiri SF
Hashiri SF
Hashiri SF logo
Hashiri SF, San Francisco, CA
Open Deck - Celebrity Flora, Celebrity Cruises

B-Lounge partition
B_Lounge seating
Bridgestone Corporate Lounge, Dubai, UAE
The Dubai Metro Launch, Dubai, UAE
RTA Award of Excellence - January 2007
Wonderland Concept Image
Wonderland Furniture Plan Dk 12
Deck 12 FF&E
Deck 12 FF&E
Deck 12 Back Bar Design Intent
Wonderland Furniture Plan Dk 11
Deck 11 FF&E
Wonderland Carpet Design Intent
Wonderland (concept) - Symphony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruises


ST_shelving 02
ST_shelving 03
Seeing Things, Dubai, UAE

M-Can Branding, Dubai, UAE
Commercial Interior Design's Top 50 Offices - July 2010
Dubai World Central, Dubai, UAE
AJ Design, Dubai, UAE
Lowe MENA, Dubai, UAE


Etisalat Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE
Commercial Interior Design's Top 50 Retail Spaces - July 2010


Zulekha Hospital Pediatrics (concept), Sharjah, UAE


LILYPAD - scandinavian furniture design

Furniture should be simple and functional and at the same time make a strong sculptural statement. My design is informed by the fluidity and strength of natural organic forms which I translate through the repetition and layering of modular components.

The LILYPAD is a stand-alone piece of art as much as it is a chair for sitting. The softly defined undulations in its petals add to the room an air of subtle fluidity; when the need arises, it functions as a traditional chair, its hand-crafted veneer form designed to offer a comfortable sitting experience.




-- Art Dubai 2013

-- Design Days Dubai 2013

-- Sikka Art Fair 2013

-- ICFF 2013

short : STORY - pushcart (concept)

Short : STORY is a non-traditional mobile pushcart with modular components that neatly fit together to create a compact unit. Pulled apart these components create a space that visitors can engage with and employees can work within. The exposed surfaces serve as blank canvases that can be modified for every new story and graphic language.

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